Finally Something to Like About Winter

Check out the new gloves that are available at Ravinia Gifts. They are so warm and cozy but you can still use your fingers for small tasks (like typing when you are still trying to thaw out from the cold). The inside is lined in a snuggly fleece and the outside is 100% wool. Look at all of the colors and patterns. (These photos were taken on my phone.)

I don't want to sound like an infomercial here but I really do love these gloves. They are so practical, fun and warm, which is kind of weird considering that your fingers are exposed.

Anyway, it's hard to do them justice online. Just imagine yourself keeping warm while easily finding the right key to open your front door instead of fumbling around with your big gloves and dropping them in the snow because you can't tell what you're doing (not that this has ever happened to me).

Stay warm!

Adriana McClintock

Marketing Manager (and winter clutz)


JethroTull at Ravinia

For those of you who ask, what’s your real job during the off-season? Well, working at Ravinia is the real job and planning is a huge part of what we all do October through April, and the most important part is the schedule. As the dates fill up, the office becomes abuzz with excitement. You can imagine my joy when I came into the office a few weeks ago and heard that Jethro Tull tickets would be going on-sale December 4. 

The group formed in 1968 outside of London after their other bands had called it quits.  Their eclectic and unique sound led by flautist and singer Ian Anderson, soon brought them the success they had been looking for and launched Jethro Tull as a world-famous group rivaling the great live performers like Led Zeppelin and Elton John among others. To give you a taste of what you have to look forward to this summer, listen to this live recording of Jethro Tull performing “Aqualung.”

Germaine Maschoff

Corporate Relations and Communications Coordinator

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