New Music for an Old Friendship

Tony Andriacchi and I have been best of friends for a couple of decades now. When we first started hanging out, I had no idea that he was a singer. Then one day he asked if I wanted to listen to his tape (yep, we used cassettes back then). It’s a question I dread. What if he was no good—there goes the friendship. I said, “Couldn’t I just help you move or drive you to the airport?” But when I mustered the courage to listen, I discovered an incredibly intelligent vocalist with unique phrasing and a serious set of pipes. Only then did I discover that he had enjoyed a career as a headliner at such Chicago hot-spots as The Pump Room. He also had some of the best reviews I’ve ever read. So I’m very pleased that my best friend will be performing in the Martin Theatre on August 25. Last night I learned that he and his music director, Carey Deadman, have worked up 10 new charts to showcase in his evening of American standards with a 16-piece big band. If there’s anyone out there who wants a new favorite singer (or a fun new friend), don’t miss this swinging show.


Nick Pullia

Director of Communications