More Tips for Beating the Heat

A few weeks ago, I posted tips for staying safe in the heat, but seeing as though temperatures this week will be dangerously high, I'd like to share a few more from RN Bonnie Hansen, Trauma Coordinator at Highland Park Hospital.  


  • Hydrate well with water and electrolyte drinks the day before you are outside
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol and high sugar drinks
  • Avoid those energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine
  • Limit dairy on hot days
  • Eat more protein and carbs (PB and J, Meat sandwiches)
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Drink water often
  • Apply sunscreen often
  • Find shady areas or buildings with A/C (like the Gift Shop and restaurants) to cool off
  • If needed, seek help at the First Aid station, which is open for every concert

  Ravinia will also have cooling tents available to the public on the following dates:

You can refer to the Park Map to help guide you to the tents.  Enjoy the shows and stay cool!

Lisa Sanders

Communications Intern