What You Need to Know for Ticket Sales Day

Tomorrow is the big day. Summer might as well come already because as far as we are concerned, it's time to escape to the music. Public ticket sales for our 2012 season begin at 5 a.m. and to make your buying experience as smooth as possible make sure your myRavinia account is up to date before the morning, as web server might be significantly slower. Updating your myRavinia account ensures that you can check out as fast as possible once you have selected your tickets.

Another reminder you might need to know; current ticket availability. As of 8:19 PM CST on April 25:

RESERVE SEATS (Pavilion) tickets SOLD OUT for:

Steve Martin (Jun 24)
Santana (Jul 9)
James Taylor (July 27 & 28)
Crosby Stills & Nash (Aug 3)
Train (Aug 11)

RESERVE SEATS (Pavilion) are in limited supply for:

Earth, Wind and Fire (June 9)
Colbie Caillat/Gavin DeGraw (June 29)
Sarah McLachlan (June 30)
CSO/Idina Menzel (July 8)
Seal (July 22)
Train (August 12)
CSO/Flute (August 16)
Reginald Robinson (August 25) / BGH $10
Duran Duran (August 29)

If you are interested in ANY of the above (limited) shows, we recommend you try to get tickets as early as you can tomorrow!