#SocialUpgrade: Iron and Wine / Dr. John

It has officially begun! Ravina Festival wants to #SocialUpgrade your summer in 2012. We are excited to see so many people following us on social media, and now we want to do something for you; for the first time ever, we have reserved two (2) seats for EVERY SHOW this season, to be given away exclusively on social media! So whether it is a Pavilion, Martin Theatre or Bennett Gordon Hall performance, there will be two (2) seats with your name on it. Contests will take different forms: simple retweet contests, themed photo contests, caption contests, topic-based tweets and many more. To make it easy for you to find our about all the contests, we created a new page on the blog just for the giveaways. Look up the show you want to see this summer, and find out when you can start looking for a #SocialUpgrade.

Special considerations for this years contests via social media:

  • Contests will take place on the following social media sites: Twitter, Instagram*
  • Ravinia Festival does not have access to private tweets or private Instagram photos, so tweets and photos will need to be public for the entries to be considered.
  • Only one entry per person will be accepted.
  • The winner will be announced within two (2) days of contest completion and will have three (3) days to respond. If no response is received,the tickets will pass on the the runner-up.
  • Tickets will be left at will call to be picked up on the day of the performance.
  • Be sure to follow @RaviniaFestival on Twitter!

Full Ravinia Festival Association contest rules and regulations can be found here.

*Instagram is one option, but you can use Twitpic, yfrog, etc. but there must be a tweet with neccessary hashtags in addition to a photo for the submission to be valid.

Why not Facebook? Unfortunately, the Facebook's Terms of Service prohibit running contests using the platform, and doing so would jeopardize not only the contest, but our Facebook page as well.



This giveaway is for the June 10 Iron and Wine / Dr. John concert!

Contest Style: Retweet - click the link below and simpy retweet it to be entered!
Tweet: "@RaviniaFestival Send me to @IronAndWine with @akadrjohn this summer! #SocialUpgrade http://bit.ly/MA43xP"
Hashtags: #SocialUpgrade @IronAndWine @akadrjohn @RaviniaFestival

Contest ends on June 3, 2012 at 11:59 p.m.! Bookmark this blog post, and/or keep an eye on the #SocialUpgrade tab on the blog above!