Jazzvinia: Those Summer Nights

Re-Interpretation, re-imagination, re-lived, these are the foundations of creating jazz music. One artist’s album of standards should never sound like another’s…and if it does…you should take it up with The Library of Congress. Since 1993 Canada’s leading lady of jazz, Diana Krall has released 13 albums portraying her evocative piano stylings and sultry vocal sounds, with lucky number 14 coming out in late September.

Diana hasn’t been to Ravinia since 2009 and July 17 will mark her 6th appearance at the Festival. She’s calling her tour Summer Nights, though don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t sing any songs from the movie Grease. With the help of Anthony Wilson (guitar), Robert Hurst (bass), and Karriem Riggins (drums) Diana will turn the pavilion stage into an intimate and outdoor twilight jazz club. If we are lucky she may even perform some of her new works from 'Glad Rag Doll' her newest project that drops on September 25. Get ready for a Quiet Night, a Summer Night, and a Diana Night. Ready...set...cue soft latin bossanova.