#SocialUpgrade: James Taylor Special Winners

We received hundreds of entires for our James Taylor Special contest. Just after 5:00 p.m. on Friday July 27, we sat down with our pile of finalists and hand-selected our two winners. We suffered numerous heartbreaks with well writen responses over 200 words, and responses omitting a special shoutout to our friends at Markham Vineyards, for making this all possible. But now we are extremely excited to announce the winners for the James Taylor Special #SocialUpgrade made possible by our friends at Markham Vineyards. Congratulations to Elizabeth, Petra, and Diane on your James Taylor Special upgrades. Enjoy the show!



I have been a die-hard James Taylor fan since I was in the womb. Seriously, I've been listening to JT since before I can even remember. My parents passed on their fan-dom to me as a wee one, and I graciously accepted.  His music was the background to many happy times, and also helped me through many difficult times. After my mom passed away ten years ago, I could listen to his music and feel connected to her in the most peaceful and beautiful of ways.  It’s amazing how much his music “has the power to go where no one else can find me, and to silently remind me of the happiness and the good times that I know, got to know.”

Seeing James Taylor live is the #1 item on my Bucket List and it would make me so unbelievably ecstatic to win these amazing tickets! Not only am I a lifelong fan, my 29th birthday is on August 9 and this is truly the only thing I want!  Essentially what I’m saying is I’m the perfect person to win this prize. I will not squander this experience.  Thank you Markham Winery for a chance of a lifetime!




For the same last 40 years that Markham Winery has been a trusted name in Napa, I have been James Taylor's biggest fan. Since 13, Mockingbird, You've got a friend, Country Road, Sweet Baby James and so many more great songs, marked years, friendships and special events throughout junior high (1970), high school, college and even today.  I learned how to kiss with his songs on in the background!  Seeing him perform live for the first time at Blossom music center (mid 70's) in Ohio was a dream come true. Over the years, I have been lucky to attend many, many more JT shows in Ohio, NYC and now Chicago. Once in 1998, I literally ran into James in front of a hotel in midtown Manhattan so I went up to him and said, "I am your biggest fan since I was a young girl, I learned how to kiss with your songs on in the background. Your music has touched my life for years. Thank you for being so wonderful."  He was gracious and perfect and still a hotty.  So it would thrill me to the moon and back to see him once again from a box seat at Ravinia. I cannot think of a more romantic time and place to kiss my sweet 64 year old hubby with sweet Baby James in the house!