Ravinia's "W" at the Cubs Game

The Chicago Cubs holding their own against the Philadelphia Phillies was not the only thing that drew crowds at Wrigley Field last week.  Ravinia took a brief break from the North Shore for a Friday afternoon in the big city – and what a break it was.  Ravinia regulars and beginners alike gave the Ravinia prize wheel a spin, and lucky winners left with goodies like free t-shirts and lawn passes.  We may not have been able to turn Phillies fans into Cubs fans but they were easily turned onto the Ravinia Festival.  With the 2010 season just past its halfway point, many anticipate great performances ahead.  See full schedule details here.



So baseball fans, if you were not able to join us last week, be sure to look for us at Wrigley again on August 7th.  Just remember, here at Ravinia, it is okay to be a fair-weather fan – and, ya know, hope for temperate climates to make the most of your lawn experience!