Week of Nov 21 in Classical Music History

It is no secret that we love classical music. We are especially excited to see Spotify expanding their classical library everyday, because that allows us to bring playlists to you like 2011 Ravinia: Halloween. We are now bringing you Ravinia Festival: This Week in Classical Music, our celebration of milestone premiers of classical works, click the Spotify logo or the link above to add our playlist to your library. This playlist will be updated on Mondays (pending no computer issues!) with new work every week so there's no need to resubscribe! Below is a day-by-day listing of the track selections for this weeks edition of the playlist. We hope you enjoy!

November 21

  • 1723: Bach: Sacred Cantata No. 70 ("Wachet! Betet! Betet! Wachet!") performed on the 26th Sunday after Trinity as part of Bach's first annual Sacred Cantata cycle in Leipzig (1723/24)
  • 1896: Dvorák: symphonic poem "The Noonday Witch," Op. 108, in London
  • 1945: Britten: String Quartet No. 2 in C, Op. 36, in London, by the Zorian Quartet

November 22

  • 1712: Handel: opera “Il pastor fido,” at the Queen’s Theater in London
  • 1895: Rachmaninoff: “Caprice bohémien” (Capriccio on Gypsy Themes)
  • 1931: Ferde Grofé: "Grand Canyon" Suite, in Chicago, by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra

 November 23

  • 1834: Berlioz: "Harold in Italy," by the Paris Conservatory Orchestra, with Narcisse Girard conducting and Chrétien Urhan the soloist
  • 1867: Brahms: Ballad No. 1 ("Edward"), from Op. 10, in Vienna
  • 1940: Shostakovich: Piano Quintet in g, in Moscow, by the Beethoven Quartet, with the composer at the piano

November 24 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

  • 1839: Berlioz: dramatic symphony, "Romeo and Juliet," at the Paris Conservatory
  • 1886: Brahms: Cello Sonata No. 2 in F, Op. 99, in Vienna
  • 1949: Carl Ruggles: "Organum" for large orchestra, by the New York Philharmonic, Leopold Stokowski conducting 

November 25

  • 1882: Gilbert and Sullivan: operetta "Iolanthe" at the Savoy Theater in London
  • 1901: Mahler: Symphony No. 4, by the Kaim Orchestra of Munich, with soprano soloist Margarete Michalek and the composer conducting
  • 1960: Mussorgsky: opera "Khovanscchina", in Leningrad at the Kirov Theater

November 26

  • 1887: Tchaikovsky: Suite No. 4 (“Mozartiana”), on an all Tchaikovsky program in Moscow conducted by the composer
  • 1937: R. Schumann: Violin Concerto in d (composed 1853 for the great violinist Joseph Joachim, who never performed it in public), in Berlin, by the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Karl Boehm, with Georg Kulenkampff as soloist
  • 1954: Lutoslawski: "Concerto for Orchestra," in Warsaw

November 27

  • 1745: Rameau: opera-ballet "Le temple de la gloire", at Versailles
  • 1836: Glinka: opera “A Life for the Tsar,” in St. Petersburg
  • 1896: R. Strauss: tone-poem "Thus spake Zarathustra," in Frankfurt, with the composer conducting