The Judds and the Electric Cowboy Hat!

No this isn't a new record release from the Judds, it’s something that actually happened on Friday night. I manage Ravinia Gifts and was working in the Martin Theatre store on Friday night at The Judds concert. Ok, I wasn't really working at the time, I wanted a glimpse of Naomi and Wynonna performing and it was my only chance for the night, we had been too busy selling our light-up cowboy hats all evening.

It was towards the end of their performance (which was amazing by the way, I loved the onstage banter with the audience just as much as their music) when Wynonna asked a gentleman in the audience to give up his light-up cowboy hat. She said she wanted it for her mother so she could find her when she would get lost in the woods. The audience member offered up his orange baseball hat, which she promptly refused saying she wanted the light-up cowboy hat, which she absolutely loved. It was so cool!

The audience member gave up the light-up cowboy hat and she let him sing with her on their last song. He didn’t sound quite as good as The Judds, but was laughing so hard it didn't even matter. The audience went wild. What an amazing time at Ravinia.

I lost count how many hats we sold that night but that was all you could see on the lawn and in the pavilion, light-up cowboy hats bouncing along to the sounds of The Judds!

Click here to see our photo gallery from the performance, what a great opening weekend!

Jennifer J. Wood, Manager of Retail Operations