This Week in Tweets: June 22-28

Each week this summer we post the top tweets of the week about Ravinia Festival under the heading This Week in Tweets. During the last week we scoured the depths of the twittersphere to bring you the best tweets that mention your favorite outdoor music festival. Log on to Twitter, follow @RaviniaFestival, tweet about us or twitpic your lawn set-up and you might wind up in our blog feature! Featured tweets will win you great prizes all summer long. We’ll contact you to claim your prize if you are featured. Don’t forget to read the contest rules too!   

  1. So this Ravinia thing is pretty classy.
    26 Jun via TweetDeck 
  1. i love that people are going to see Hall & Oates at Ravinia. Which metra train takes you to 1984?
    26 Jun via web
  1. Ravinia is cooler than I expected. :D
    25 Jun via Twitter for Android 
  1. Thanks for sending out the pre-concert email for Maroon 5! That was so helpful! I wish more venues would do that!
    27 Jun via web
  1. Garrison Keilor and The Prairie Home Companion at once fulfilling both the fate of my old age and my childhood memories.
    25 Jun via Twitter for iPhone
  1. OMG kd lang. Live @ Ravinia. Amazing. Life changingly good. That is all.
    23 Jun via web
  2. Prairie Home Companion at Ravinia! Loooooove Ravinia.
    26 Jun via Twitter for iPhone