Chef Christopher Kostow Returns to Ravinia Kitchen

Chef Christoper Kostow visits Ravinia FestivalChef Christopher Kostow from The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley will visit Ravinia’s Park View restaurant this weekend July 16 and 17, as the first of Ravinia’s four guest chef events during the summer. Here’s some food for thought, Chef Kostow’s first introduction to kitchen life actually started here at Ravinia’s kitchens back when he was a teenager. After graduating from Hamilton College in New York and earning a degree in philosophy, Chef Kostow headed west to study culinary arts and enter the rarified world of fine dining. His continued culinary-studies not only allowed him to learn under with some of the finest, it gave him experience to eventually land a Michelin Star award—making him one of two American chefs to ever receive the coveted recognition and he’s also the third youngest chef (before he turned 30) to ever receive the award.  So, some might call him a bit of a culinary genius.

His traditional focus on ingredients and experimental drive has sky-rocketed him to be recognized as one of the “Best New Chefs” from Food & Wine Magazine in 2009. Chef Kostow’s lists of accomplishments aren’t anything less than extraordinary.  In 2010, San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Beauer gave Chef Christopher Kostow the rare four star review. A year later, he received the highest rating of three stars from Michelin Guide and was named “Grand Chef” from Relais & Chateaux.  We would say he’s kind of a big deal and so is his food!

smoked mackerel, ashen patio escabeche, with frozen crème fraicheHis approach to culinary arts is a masterful blend of contemporary French cuisine and his locally grown, farm-to-table tradition which creates a transcendent experience for diners at The Restaurant at Meadowood. Kostow is guided by pure flavors of the finest quality ingredients which leaves him room for inspired spontaneity.  Here’s a lovely example: smoked mackerel, ashen patio escabeche, with frozen crème fraiche.  Yum.

So what can we expect from Chef Kostow this weekend?  He’ll be preparing a four-course menu, masterfully paired with Terlato Wines.  His offerings are part of a special section on the Ravinia’s Park View restaurant’s menu. Take a walk up to the second floor of the dining pavilion where he will be spending a couple of days with Levy Restaurants at Ravinia’s kitchen team and will be greeting guests in the dining room during the weekend.  Be sure to make reservations for the weekend!