Ramsey Lewis "The 'In' Crowd" Played On Mad Men Season 5 Premier

For all of you Mad Men fans out there, Sunday was a pretty momentous occasion. After about 17 months off the air, and a worrisome gut feeling that it may never return to the air, Mad Men season 5 premiered on AMC. That's exciting and all, but how does that relate to Ravinia Festival? In 1965 Ramsey Lewis won a Grammy for "Best Jazz Performance - Small Group or Soloist with Small Group" for his single "The 'In' Crowd". This Grammy was the first of his three that helped to catapault his career to the iconic legend that he is today.

Although the original recording by Billy Page was widely popular, in the hands of Ramsey Lewis it became synonymous with what it means to be cool. Many artists have taken a crack at recording their own variations over the years, but it is still considered by many to be Ramsey Lewis' jam. In case you missed it, or are just curious, check out the video below to hear the full recording.