Ravinia Goes Social: Pinterest

As a few of you have managed to find, Ravinia Festival is now on Pinterest. Some of you might already be thinking, what's Pinterest? As defined by the booming social network themselves:

Pinterest is an online and mobile service that allows you to create online pinboards and organize and share beautiful things you find on the web. Pinterest lets you create your own visual collections or “boards,” and view and follow other boards, on pinterest.com (the "Site"), on our application for mobile devices (the “Mobile Software”), and through third party applications.

So, why follow Ravinia Festival? Aside from having our entire season schedule in images, it will be the easiest way to access photos from your all favorite Ravinia performances this season, find great items at Ravinia Gifts, see photos of the amazing food from PNC Dining and Ravinia Market, amazing picnics from our guests, links to our Backstage blog entries, and even some specially made desktop images made by us for YOU. You will find many things on Ravinia's Pinterest that you simply will not be able to find anywhere else. Follow us today and like or repin all your favorites!