Ziering-Conlon Lead Initiative Recieves $1 Million Gift

Sel Kardan, President and CEO of The Colburn School, announced today the establishment of The Ziering-Conlon Initiative for Recovered Voices at the Colburn School. Los Angeles philanthropist Marilyn Ziering has made the Initiative possible with a generous $1 million gift to Colburn. The Initiative builds upon the Recovered Voices project at LA Opera, established to support conductor James Conlon’s long-term commitment to bring attention to the works of important composers whose music was suppressed during the Nazi years in Europe.

Mr. Kardan said, “The Ziering-Conlon Initiative’s primary focus will be performance, advocacy and dissemination of music by suppressed composers. Research and academic activities will be explored through creative collaborations, conferences, concerts and publishing. In addition, we hope that Internet, public radio and television broadcasting will provide opportunities to reach international audiences.”

He continued, “The Ziering-Conlon Initiative will give Mr. Conlon, whose leading advocacy of this repertoire is acknowledged throughout the world, the unprecedented opportunity to share his insights on this important music, literature and the history of music in the first half of the twentieth century with Colburn students and the Colburn community at large."

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