Happy Valentines Day

Congratulations to social upgrade winner Sharon G. for her outstanding poem about Ravinia Festival. She has won a pair of tickets to tonights Chicago Tribune's Chicago Live recording featuring special guests Billy Corgan, Rebecca Skloot, Amy Dickinson, the Second City and more. Music guests Shoes to perform. Happy Valentines Day to all of our fans!

by: Sharon G.

Though so many miles stand between
Where I am now and Ravinia's overwhelming
beauty and understated refinement.
The memories on your picturesque terrace
Make more bearable my distance imposed confinement.

For fond memories, this venue is so much a part,
Ragtime romps, haunting arias and bittersweet melodies,
are keepsakes, impressions so dear to my heart

And no matter where the Winds of Fortune carry me
Or how far that I may roam.
As summer returns and overtures begin.
Like a moth to light I'm drawn.
My compass transfixed to Lake Michigan
Ravinia calls me home.

Photo: Joan's Bench by Richard Hunt