Ravinia Awards Two Scholarships Through Chamber of Commerce

Ravinia was so impressed with the Class of 2014 student leaders identified by the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce, that this year it awarded two scholarships. As has been tradition, the first went to a Highland Park student who intends to pursue music- or performance-related studies in college. Congratulations go to Highland Park’s Scott Greene, who has already racked up many awards for his work with the school band. In conjunction with Ravinia’s Student Marketing Board, a second scholarship was awarded for a student with a future in media or mass communications. Congratulations toShealtiel “Bosco” Israel for winning this inaugural prize. Over the past 12 years, Ravinia scholarship winners have gone on to internships at the festival, studies at Juilliard and careers in the arts. Ravinia is proud of them all and equally admiring of the Class of 2014