A Video is Worth 1000 Words For These Unique Concerts

For the adventurous concertgoer, we’ve compiled a list of a handful of our unique attractions, complete with videos that encapsulate these events better than any words could.


The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys bring the modern concept of the DJ “mash-up” to classical music by creating pieces that usually start as classical covers of notable pop songs and then seamlessly segue into an actual classical piece. Both their arrangements and technique are as impressive as their huge social media reach and following.


Joey Alexander

A write-up in the New York Times, accolades from jazz great Wynton Marsalis and recording his first album at the age of eleven makes this artist one of the hottest tickets in our $10 BGH classics series. Much has been written about his incredible talents, with these videos backing up the overwhelming praise.


Seth MacFarlane

This concert stands out due to the headliner’s day job as the cunning mind behind Family Guy. You’d never expect the same voice that brings Stewie, Brian, and Peter to life could sing like an old-school Las Vegas crooner, backed by a full big-band orchestra.


Pink Martini & The von Trapps

While many musical artists are easy enough to fit into existing categories like rock or pop, Pink Martini defies those labels by creating sounds that span a dizzying array of influences, sometimes sounding like a laid-back jazz lounge act and other times channeling the globe-trotting sounds of samba, salsa, or swing.


Igudesman and Joo

When is the last time you experienced the sound of laughter at a classical concert? At an Igudesman and Joo show, the answer would be “every time.” This classically trained duo mixes comedy, classical music, and pop culture in an extremely unique and entertaining blend that is not to be missed.


Disney’s Fantasia and Fantasia 2000

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen either of Disney’s animated masterpieces Fantasia or Fantasia 2000, the scene that you probably remember most is the dark Sorcerer’s Apprentice scene with Mickey Mouse. What you may not remember are the more abstract, experimental scenes that feature elegant ice fairies in snowflake dresses or giant hippos dancing in tutus. For a film released in 1940, Fantasia definitely features some outside-the-box thinking.


Golden Dragon Acrobats from China

Ravinia is known for music, whether classical or pop, so an event centered around fantastical physical feats tends to stand out. Even though this event is part of our Kids Concerts series, kids of all ages can enjoy these amazing acrobatics.


Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club

In an age full of technological innovation where any song is available at the click of a button, those who keep older musical traditions alive are truly unique indeed. The Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club specializes in the older Afro-Cuban style of son, which fell into obscurity when salsa became popular. This is their “Adios!” tour, so there won’t be any more chances to see this cultural treasure.