Our First International Winner of Season Poster

The Ravinia Women’s Board today announced the first-ever international winner of its annual Ravinia season poster competition. The winning design came from 18-year-old Teodora Šćepanović, a senior at the Bogdan Šuput School of Design in Novi Sad, Serbia. She will receive a $1,000 cash prize and her design will be featured in the promotion of the upcoming 2016 Ravinia season, distributed among hundreds of Chicagoland stores and public spaces, and sold exclusively at Ravinia Gifts.
After discovering the competition online as part of a class assignment, Šćepanović recounted, “At first I played with the motifs I had chosen, trying to combine them within a dynamic composition. Then my professor’s suggestion really helped me move forward with my design; he suggested I think open-mindedly of my object and try to think of them in a way Picasso might have thought when creating his famous piece Three Musicians. During a part of the creative process, I was lacking inspiration and my design was suffering only minor changes to it when I started exploring more cubist artworks. That research inspired me to bring my design to a finished state.”
The annual poster and its principal design become a distinctive signature of the Ravinia season. It conveys the rich experience of enjoying outstanding musical performances in North America’s oldest outdoor summer music venue and incorporates design principles appropriate for promotional purposes and commercial display.