Top Ten Things to Bring to Ravinia

Last month, we asked our seasoned Ravinia concert-goers on Facebook to provide their most helpful tips for making the most out of your Ravinia experience.  According to our fans, here are the top ten Ravinia concert must-haves:

1. Wine

It isn’t surprising that bringing wine was the number one tip.  Ravinia is one of the only BYOB venues around.  Of course, Ravinia abides by all local and state alcohol laws—in other words, you must be 21 to take advantage of our BYOB policy.  If you forget your wine, don’t worry!  You can purchase alcoholic beverages at Ravinia’s full bar or in the Park View and Mirabelle restaurants on site.  Don’t forget to bring your I.D., a corkscrew, and someone special to share your bottle!

2. A blanket

A picnic isn’t complete without one!  It can be used to mark your spot on the lawn or to cuddle up with after the sun goes down.  On rainy days or when the ground is wet, don’t forget to bring a tarp or plastic sheet to put under your blanket so you can stay dry for the duration of the concert.  Fold-up lawn chairs are also a great alternative for those who would rather not sit on the ground.

 3. A roll-up table

A large number our fans mentioned the necessity of the roll-up table.  These are available for purchase in the Ravinia Gift Shop.

4.  Candles

Candles are a great source of light and ambiance for a picnic under the stars.  Bring citronella to repel mosquitoes as well.  And don’t forget to bring matches!

5. Flashlight


Big, small, or hands-free, it is always a good idea to bring some kind of flashlight to Ravinia.  Packing up can be hard to do in the dark, and you wouldn’t want to accidently leave something behind!

6. An umbrella

A wise man once said, “You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather” -Andre 3000 (Outkast).  Such is the case here—Ravinia’s concerts always go on, come rain or shine!  Be prepared!

7. Mosquito repellant

Ravinia is an outdoor venue.  Therefore, the swarming of mosquitoes is inevitable in the hot summer months.  Always be prepared with bug spray and citronella candles.

 8. A sweatshirt 

When the sun goes down, so does the temperature—especially here at Ravinia.  Make sure you are prepared for it to get a little chilly.  But if you forget warm clothes, not to worry!  The Ravinia gift shop will have you covered.  Literally.

9. Garbage bags

This is a great and practical idea!  It is also a good way to cut down on the amount of litter left in the park after a concert.

10. A smile

Concerts at Ravinia are all about the atmosphere and bringing people together.  So bring a good attitude and an open mind.  Arrive early with your ticket, your picnic gear, and a smile.  Who knows who you’ll meet and what memories you will make!


Kristin Ayers

Marketing Intern