I'm With the Band...

Working weekends is a term that usually inspires visions of typing away feverishly at a computer, getting through endless stacks of documents and filing for hours on end – not at Ravinia.  When sent out to Wrigley Field (for the second time this season!) to play road for Todd of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, I had no complaints about working on a Saturday.  Todd (and I!) made the trip out to Wrigley, as he would be singing the national anthem that afternoon before the game.  From then on, I can only assume even Todd, from out west in Colorado, became a Cubs fan for the day.



Upon arrival, we were whisked away to the field where we snapped pictures near the dugout.  I know this lifelong Cubs fan was trying her best to believe where she was.  You do not get much closer to the action than on the field!  After filling up our memory cards, we were led to our seats.  We looked on from behind home plate, 11 rows back as Todd sang The Star-Spangled Banner.  His amazing rendition was met with applause and cheers from Cubs and Reds fans alike.  To add to an already perfect Saturday at the baseball game, a pair of jets flew over Wrigley Field just as Todd had finished up. 


Later in the evening, Big Head Todd and the Monsters made their way to Ravinia to put on an unbelievable show with their old friends The BoDeans.  I made sure I was in attendance for that one, too.  Yep, I love my job, even on the weekends.