Jennifer's Favorite Things

She’s charming, she’s sweet, and her shop is so neat!  And if you’re a regular in the park, it’s likely that Jennifer Wood, Ravinia Festival’s Retail Operations Manager, has helped you find some of your favorite things at Ravinia Gifts.  Now it’s her turn.  Here are a few of Jennifer’s favorite things:

Jennifer Wood, Retail Operations Manager of Ravinia Festival, poses with the Ravinia Excursion

For cool weather: The Ravinia full-zip appliqué navy zip-up sweatshirt

This universal and super soft collegiate-style sweatshirt is perfect for a chilly night at the park. Jennifer says, “On a night when you see people wearing it en masse, it’s almost like they’re on a team.”

For warm weather: The Ravinia white v-neck tee

“I always want there to be something new in the store when people come in every year so they can add to their collection,” Jennifer says.  This shirt is contemporary, comfortable, and looks good on everyone.  It’s definitely something to consider adding to your wardrobe while at the park. 

Picnic cooler: Excursion

Jennifer describes this tote as the “SUV of picnicking.”  Whether packing a picnic for a small or large group, this tote can handle it.  Not only is it practical, but it’s also environmentally friendly by promoting the concept of reusing.  Check it out! 

 Picnic Accessory: Scroll Candelabra

This adorable piece always brings the same question from customers: “Does the wine bottle come with it?” Unfortunately, it doesn’t, but Jennifer tells people to “make friends and drink quickly” in order to set up this romantic candle set

Ravinia Souvenir: Shot glass candle

This item holds a special place in Jennifer’s heart, as it was the first item sold in the shop this season.  What makes it especially cool is that doubles as a shot glass once the wick burns out!  Not only is it a great item to use on the lawn in here the park, but also in a kitchen or on a patio at home.  Next time you are in Ravinia Gifts, ask Jennifer to hook you up with one of these.

Inspired to find your favorite things?  Be sure to check out Ravinia Gifts next time you come out to the park!  If you just can’t wait to get your hands on all of the great items the shop has to offer, visit us online to browse and buy at any time.