2014 Ravinia Selects - Patrick

In his selects, Patrick aims to capture the essence of the Ravinia experience. While for some that means sitting inside the pavilion, getting as close to their favorite stars as they can, for others that might mean sitting on the lawn with a picnic getting as close to their favorite people. This variety of experience is what makes Ravinia such a special venue to see a performance. Below he shares his favorite captures in no particular order.

His first selection comes from the July 21 Gavin DeGraw's concert. This photo captures the electricity in the air between Gavin and his fans!


In his next selection Patrick takes a step back from the Pavilion to show another side of the show experience. The Pavilion illumunates the bustling park as patron venture from one area to another or enjoy a glass of wine on the lawn with their friends. 


In his final selection Patrick comes in a bit closer to a candlelight picnic of a group of friends just enjoying the evening together. Your Ravinia experience is really is just that YOUR experience, you define what to make it.