2014 Ravinia Selects - Pedro

Ravinia is a very unique place in that there is a such a variety of concert experiences, I am still learning more and more every summer. From the picnic on the lawn, to dining on the Park View Terrace, to Lawncierge, or sitting in reserved seating, everyone ones experience is unique.

My first select is a shot of OneRepublic's Drew Brown on guitar just as a couple stage lights crossed hitting his guitar and riccocheting off. It was a truly a spectacular moment to capture.

This photo comes from the presentation of West Side Story with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing the score. This iconic movie originally released in theatres in the early 60s was the soundtrack of my childhood. Seeing this movie performed by the orchestra was, for all intents and purposes, a dream come true.

This final select captures everything that it means to enjoy music under the stars at Ravinia. The Martin Theater is the only building left from the original 1904 Ravinia construction. I think this photo just speaks for itself. (Nothing on this one has been remastered)