Ravinia Mixtape: The '90s!

Remember those snap bracelets and day-glo everything? Remember when MTV used to actually show music videos? Those days before everyone was on this new thing called the Internet and AOL CDs overflowed your inbox … your actual mailbox?

You can relive those days with our special ’90s themed mixtape, which showcases artists from two of our hottest concerts of 2015. On August 17 the double bill of 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul brings the hit-makers behind “Kryptonite” and “The World I Know,” and on August 18, the Under The Sun Tour features Sugar Ray, Eve 6, Uncle Kracker, and Better than Ezra, who each scored hits with such songs as “Fly,” “Desperately Wanting,” and “Inside Out.”

Please Note: In order to listen to the playlist you must have a Spotify account. Signing up is fast and easy. Also, the Spotify app now allows you to listen for free on your smartphone.