CEO Welz Kauffman Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

Every Monday morning, Ravinia President and CEO Welz Kauffman boldly goes to the WGN TV studios for the on-air “Ravinia Minute” with announcer Mike Toomey. He previews the events Ravinia offers in the coming week. This week, his delivery was "Spock on” as he got into character to discuss the August 16 presentation of J.J. Abrams’s 2009 Star Trek with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performing the score live. See what it takes for an earthbound CEO to beam up to the Enterprise.

Ravinia makeup artist Denise Wynbrandt shapes the Spock wig that will render even Welz’s hair emotion-free.


Any music lover knows that the ears are everything, and Spock’s get straight to the point.


Welz appears to be all ears as Denise applies a beyond-the-sun complexion.


Who wouldn’t raise an eyebrow as Welz gets his Starfleet badge pinned on.


Welz and Mike let viewers know that living long and prospering must include a visit to Ravinia to experience the great film and score on August 16.


When the segment ends, Welz and Mike set their phasers, confident that if anyone can defeat the enemy, they “Khaaaaaan.”